Friday, October 19, 2012

Blogger Newbie

Yes, I am starting blogging.

I thought about it once a long time ago. But, I decided not to blog, because I thought I might not be able to maintain my blog ALIVE. (Secondly, I didn't want to reveal my broken English to the world.) 

Last Sunday at INFORMS, Paul Rubin came to me (no, I came to him) and told me 'Why don't you start blogging?' He said there are many bloggers who are faculty members and who are graduate students, but no post doc blogger in O.R. He wanted me to blog about how the post doc's life is.  Are people interested in Post Doc's life? Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't matter. At least I have something to blog. 

And the next day, Laura McLay mentioned that blogging is like gardening, and it can be a cactus garden, while she presented about blogging at social networking session. 

Yes, at least I can keep a cactus garden. I decided to start blogging, hoping I can upgrade my garden later. So, I reopen my blogger account that was opened a long time age. 

I am writing my first blog posting. 

Obviously, it will be about Operations Research mainly, but highly focused on stochastic part of it. 
And, it will be a little bit about Post Doc's life as Paul asked.  
Additionally, sometimes, it will be about Computer, Language or Software. 

Let's see how my cactus garden grows.


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